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    23 Meadowbrook Center offers space for people in the southern Schuylkill County region in order to provide resources to people in the surrounding community. We’re excited to help people connect and find support for their lives.

    We urge you to call and allow us to help you with your events or meetings. We can currently host events in a large all-purpose space, our kitchen, meetings in a conference room, or provide private counseling/office space.

    Although this site is managed by Bethesda Church, the center is not a direct ministry of the church. The church simply manages and schedules helpful and wholesome events for this facility.* Therefore, opportunities for people to volunteer or utilize this space require no direct connection or membership with the church. 

    Ask us how we can help with hosting your event or meeting by calling us at 570-739-2241 ext 224 or e-mailing us by clicking here!

    * Event must not violate the policies or ethics of Bethesda Church

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