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Big Impact of Schuylkill County (formally Big Brothers & Big Sisters) has their offices at 23 Meadowbrook Center. Big Impact Group of Schuylkill County provides three mentoring programs for the youth of Schuylkill County:
 1.  Community Based Mentoring - Matching adult mentors in a one to one relationship with a child 
     who can benefit most from this positive relationship.
2.  School - Based Mentoring  - Matching high school students with elementary students who are
    referred by the school in a one to one relationship.
3.  Activity - Based Mentoring - Mentors interacting with a group youth on activities held by Big
    Impact Group.
Contact info:  Website -
                   Doug Allen - Executive Director,
                   Jen Fegley - Program Director,
                   Jena Merwine - Program Specialist,
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